Ensure Financial Stability: For You And your Loved Ones.

Choose from a range of options including but not limited to:

Term Life

Receive coverage for a selected period of time.

For new responsibilities such as marriage, having kids, etc.

Whole Life

Covers you a lifetime and generates wealth for life.

Good as a base coverage, next step after a shield plan.

Critical Illness

Pays you a lump-sum so you can recover worry-free.

Multipay plans also available to protect against recurring CI.

Disability Income

Giving you financial ease if you lose the ability to work.

Pays you regular income if you become disabled.

We Cover All Your Needs

Whether you are seeking a short term solution or long term plan. We have the expertise for all your insurance and financial needs.

It's never too early to get covered. find out how to protect yourself financially today!

Unbiased Comparisons

We compare against all insurers in Singapore to provide you unbiased comparisons and opinions, so you can make the right financial decision for yourself.

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