Let Your Money Work For You: Seek higher returns.

Choose from a range of options including but not limited to:

Retirement Annuity

Make money the least of your worries during your retirement.

Choose to recieve: Monthly income or a lump sum payout.

Endowment Savings

Save regularly for your future needs with withdrawal features.

Excellent option when guaranteed returns are needs.

Investment Linked

Invest regularly and enjoy dollar cost averging with potentially unlimited upsides.

Swtich easily across various asset classes and geographical region.

Unit Trust

Seek potentially capital growth, a dividend payout or a balance of both.

Balance your investment return with a portfolio customised to your risk profile.

We maximise your returns.

We take into account your risk appetite, investment knowledge, budget and time horizon to craft your portfolio.

Together, we achieve your financial goals.

Unbiased Comparisons

We compare against all insurers in Singapore to provide you unbiased comparisons and opinions, so you can make the right financial decision for yourself.

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