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Financial Protection

Be protected against Death, Total & Permanent Disability, Terminal Illness and Critical Illness

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How is your wealth built?

Passive Income

Receive a steady stream of income through monthly dividends, spend or reinvest for higher returns

Long Term Returns

Stay invested in the market and reap the rewards of limitless growth.


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How an ILP Boosts your wealth

Cash that sits in the bank earns you less than 1% in interest per annum. However, for the sake of comparison, let’s assume the bank gives you 1% per annum compared to an ILP with potential unlimited upsides at 8% per annum.

Year 1 Year 10 Year 20 Year 30 Year 40
Bank S$2,400
Bank S$25,109
Bank S$52,845
Bank S$83,483
Bank S$117,327
ILP S$2,400
ILP S$34,767
ILP S$109,828
ILP S$271,879
ILP S$621,735

your future you will thank you for starting today

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Start building your wealth today from less than S$6,77 a day.

Participate in the long term growth of the global market. Invest in dividend paying funds to receive a regular stream of income which you can spend as you wish or reinvest them for even higher returns.

Receive insurance coverage against Death, Terminal Illness, Total & Permanent Disability and Critical Illness — grow your wealth worry-free!

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