We Believe Insurance should be affordable.

We have you covered for:


Stay healthy, stay protected. Be covered against any unforseen life events and medical conditions.


Preserve and enhance your wealth to protect against inflation. There is no better time to enjoy the effects of compound returns than right now.

Financial Goals

Live with confident knowing that your future life goals can be achieved. Starting planning, start living.

We believe in taking small steps.

Start budgeting for your health and wealth from as low as a S$100/month. It is not about the size, its about how early you start.

Don’t leave what should be done today for tomorrow.

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It's okay to seek a second opinion.

A financial plan is a long time commitment. It does not hurt to spend just a little more time to seek additional qualified advice. 

Why settle for less?

We compare across multiple insurers to get you the best value for your money!